Terre De Sacha


Terre de Sacha is a nature sanctuary nestled in the Pyrenees mountains in the South-East of France, right on the boarder of Spain. Our three stone houses are at least three hundred years old if not older, and are situated in a beautiful and peaceful environment. 

 Here we gather in the summer months and over the winter holidays for meditation, creativity and to receive the teachings of ShantiMayi. Those who come to Terre de Sacha are sangha (ShantiMayi's students),  family and friends. Part of the joy of being here is being together again. Terre de Sacha functions through participation in cooking meals, gardening and maintenance of the grounds and the houses. When we are together we live like a family. We all take responsibility for making our gatherings work very well and they do.



Terre de Sacha
is a private sanctuary


Those who come here must have association with ShantiMayi or be affiliated with Sacha sangha, family or friends. There are daily morning prayers for world balance and awakening hearts. We chant the ancient Gayatri Mantra together. Everyone is required to attend.

Seva is selfless service offered to maintain Terre de Sacha and the gathering: such as cooking, cleaning the area, gardening, shopping, and so on. Everyone is required to offer seva. There is your ‘own time’ everyday, time for yourself: enjoying the deep raw nature, walks through Terre de Sacha’s eighty acres, going down to the river and even perhaps walking in the mountains. 

ShantiMayi creates the theme for the special time we have together according to the people in the gathering. Upon arrival, and meeting the mix of people, it becomes clear what direction we take. There are no set plans or programs, other than the daily morning prayer and the evening talks. 

Anything can change here and often does. This is our way. Gatherings are over a two week period. We encourage the two weeks ( or more ) period. Being in Terre de Sacha is a blessing, a delight and... with ShantiMayi. And being with sangha and friends... and family ( like minded / hearted people )... is central to your time here. To gather together in Terre de Sacha is a benefit to you in every way.




Important Notices

We eat nearly 100% organic and always vegetarian. We no longer accommodate special food needs such as gluten free, dairy free, vegan and so on. We eat simple and well. Responding to special needs complicates our kitchen pantry, cooking and menus. For you who are gluten free, bringing your own baked goods is a very good idea. We do not permit people to bring their animals to Terre De Sacha.

There is a simple dress code. Modest clothing, no short shorts, short skirts or sleeveless vests or shirts. Please no low cut, tightly fitted or revealing blouses / shirts. Tight pants must have a length of shirt or dress over them to cover the behind. This is a guideline for many ashrams / sanctuaries and so on. It is not body shame... it is honouring of Spiritual Teachings... as not to distract anyone for unnecessary attention. 

We at Terre de Sacha attend to the ‘inner realms.’



Booking online is necessary. 
Accommodations to stay in Terre de Sacha are limited.
Reservations can be made by phone, mail and online.
All activities in Terre de Sacha are based on your financial support.
Terre de Sacha functions only through your donations.

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Tel. 0033 (0) 468 392 009
Address: Can Pinous
66150, Corsavy, France