Maharajji - My Venerable Master

A Tribute to a Very Rare Being by ShantiMayi


Have you ever felt the magic of a moment in your life that never seemed to end? I mean … a moment that just followed you wherever you may go…like your breath? In the same way as the northern star remains constantly above you whether you notice it or not?

Have you ever felt gratitude so immense that your heart swells, flows and empties all at once? And…continues and continues to pour out effortlessly over the years… over life times?

Have you ever met one who truly lives for the welfare of all beings? One who has lived his entire life in the light of a prayer? One who has no other reason for being alive, but for ‘that’ and for ‘that’ alone?

Have you ever been so moved in the presence of someone that puddles of tears blur your sight? And, that’s a beautiful feeling, such an inward vision…so inward.

Have you ever been softly and joyfully silenced? Resembling a feather gliding to the earth? An unmistakable calm and a delicate wisp of grace… just being near him?

Have you ever been generously given what is already yours, wrapped in silken wonder?

I have! I have!
Oh my God…
I Have!
He is a steady flame in a windless place.
A flawless jewel embodied in love. He has stolen my heart.

What great fortune is that?

One picture is worth a thousand words.