Laxmanjula India…

meanders along the curves of the holy Ganges river at the first incline of the Himalayan foot hills. This wonderful place has been a sacred settlement and a pathway into the Himalayas for great souls, from afar antiquity. Rishikesh and Laxmanjula hold a potent, uplifting energy that has been generated by hundreds of living ashrams and their service to humanity unceasingly over hundreds of years. Bharat Mandir in Rishikesh is said to have been built in the 12th century.

Countless brightly / brilliantly lit mahatmas have found this area to be of great significance. The Ganges is loved and revered by all that surround the holy river. Those fortunates who find their way here today may benefit abundantly from this sacred site… if nothing else than just by being here. An enhanced undercurrent for nurturing the soul is sealed in the atmosphere of Laxmanjula. For the one seeking the One, this area, going all the way up to Badhrinath, is a haven of exceptional yogic influence.


Today Laxmanjula has become a meeting place for people from all over the world. There is a kind of spiritual festival ambience that goes on here. In that way, it has become a quirky kind of town. Not so long ago, Laxmanjula was a very small and long-abandoned village: few people lived here. It has quickly grown and now holds a huge spread of population, ashrams, temples, ghats on the Ganges, interesting shops, every kind of visitor one can imagine, assorted restaurants, guest houses, apartments and hotels. It’s a very bustling place. And yet, there are beautiful quiet places along the Ganges where one finds a peaceful meditative calm. Sitting anywhere along the Ganges, alone or with friends, offers a completely different world… far away from the stir of the busy streets.

Regardless of the reason that you may come here, on the banks of the holy river Ganges, in Laxmanjula India… be it energy, yoga, teachings, hiking, shopping, social or spirituality, or maybe even all of this that’s listed.… Laxmanjula is an ‘event experiential.’ You will be blessed, if you know it or not, if you want it or not…you will be blessed, because ‘this’ is Laxmanjula.

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ShantiMayi has been in Laxmanjula, at Sacha Dham ashram, since 1988. There she has stayed, for many months at a time (these days for a shorter time) each year with her Master, Sri Sacha Baba Hasraj Maharajji, until his departure from the world in 2011. ShantiMayi was the very first westerner (1994 was her first satsangh) to hold satsanghs in Laxmanjula. Now there are many. She continues to offer satsanghs in the ashram from early February until late March every year. All are welcome to join. 

She is known for her straight forward approach and loves meeting with the sincere seeker of spiritual wisdom. ShantiMayi is known as a Mystic. She speaks from her own unique and rare experience, as well as referring to the teachings of exalted Masters of the past. ShantiMayi also points to nature as being the perfect preceptor. She draws from many traditions and encourages those who come to have great faith in their own integrity and innate ability.



Sacha Dham Ashram

Sacha Dham Ashram is the Ashram of
The Venerable Sacha Baba Hansraj Maharajji.

All are welcome to Sacha Dham Ashram for Satsangh, Bhajans and Meditation. ShantiMayi offers satsangh in Sacha Dham Ashram and sometimes special intensives as well. The time is posted on the gate at the entrance of Sacha Dham. Each day, morning and evening, there are bhajans sung in the little mandir in Sacha Dham Ashram.

Where Maharajji’s body lays in rest… is His Mahasamadhi. Sitting in Maharajji’s Mahasamadhi is a very special blessing. We ask that you stay for no more than half an hour in the Mahasamadhi because it is a small space. And if no one is there or if there is plenty of room, you are welcome to remain longer. 

Sacha Dham is a traditional Vedic ashram and is a residential ashram. Therefore, here are some guidelines to being in the ashram. There is a simple dress code. Modest clothing, no shorts, or sleeveless vests or shirts. Please no low cut, tightly fitted or revealing blouses / shirts. Tight pants must have a length of shirt or dress over them to cover the behind. This is a guideline for many ashrams. It is not body shame… it is honouring the Spiritual Teachings… as not to distract anyone for unnecessary attention. 

We in the ashram attend to the ‘inner realms.’ We honor the traditional Indian Ashram in this way and are grateful for the possibility to visit Sacha Dham. No public display of affection is permitted in Sacha Dham. Thank You kindly for complying.

Sacha Dham does not have rooms for foreigners to stay. There are no meals offered at Sacha Dham any longer. The kitchen became overwhelmed with many westerners that did not know the protocol for receiving prasad and silence when eating: and also for making a small donation once in a while or helping with clean up. That never happened. People simply took food as ‘free meals.’ The weighty costs of offering ‘free meals’ twice a day every day is no longer possible. We never did offer ‘free meals.’ We offered *prasad. But… no longer. Please eat in one of the many wonderful reasonably priced restaurants in the area and support the local economy. Thank You kindly for your consideration. 

*Prasad is blessed food /sweets and can be items as well. Received in graceful silence, eating this food feeds the soul.


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Blessings To all.

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