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Travelling to Terre de Sacha

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Travelling by Public Transport – BUS, TRAIN or PLANE


Come to Perpignan or to Le Boulou and take the bus to Arles-sur-Tech.
Journey time is about one hour.
The buses start at Perpignan bus station, then 5 mins later stop
at Perpignan railway station.
Then via Le Boulou, and AmÈlie-les-Bains to Arles-sur-Tech.

On weekdays buses leave Perpignan five or six times a day.
On Sundays and holidays (feast days) there are not so many buses.

For the latest bus timetables go to:

Click the timetable for Arles sur Tech > AmÈlie les bains > Perpignan
and it will download as a pdf file.

Try to arrange to arrive in daylight, and not too late – choose the morning or
afternoon if you can.

It is also possible to take a taxi from Arles-sur-Tech to Can Pinous (Terre de Sacha):
Ask the driver the price before starting out.

IMPORTANT – Pickup from Arles sur Tech

During the Summer Intensives we can pick you up from Arle-sur-Tech,
BUT ONLY by arrangement when booking.

Please be sure to communicate with us about your pick up.  Also please bring a cell phone with you and keep us informed as you travel – as it is a long journey to town from TDS – and missed busses have been a problem in the past.

By TRAIN or BUS via Perpignan

There are fast (TGV) trains from Paris, also cheaper trains and overnight sleepers, see                                    
Bus is cheaper, but usually takes more time, see

By Air

Weíve heard of cheap flights to these small airports. From there you can come by train to Perpignan.
Then take the bus to Arles-sur-Tech (see above).

By air via PERPIGNAN
The airport is a short bus or taxi ride from Perpignan bus or train Stations.
Then take the bus to Arles-sur-Tech (see above).
Be careful, the taxi drivers sometimes try to persuade you to go by taxi all
the way to Arles (this can be expensive).

By air via GIRONA
Girona airport is halfway between Barcelona and Le Boulou and has regular RyanAir flights.

The great advantage with Girona is that Perpicat runs a cheap bus from the airport direct
to Le Boulou or Perpignan

You can book online at the PerpiCat website:
Also on their website is a page with some prices for prebooked taxis.

NEW THIS YEAR – FrogBus also stops in Girona city. Very useful if you have a late flight and need to stay overnight.

By air via BARCELONA
Take the metro from the airport to the station “Estacio Sants”. This takes
15 mins (taxi or bus are also possible but are slower and more expensive). The last metro is 22:45.
From the rail station, catch a train to Perpignan.
We donít have a reliable timetable of trains between Barcelona and Perpignan.
There is a good morning train, but the evening train gets into Perpignan too late to connect with the buses.
A useful website is
Its really meant for USA visitors but is useful to check train times and to book seats.

Some people have had difficulties with the train times or booking a ticket at the
very busy Barcelona station.

Maybe a better way is to take a bus from Barcelona to Girona Airport and then take the Perpicat Bus.
The Perpicat website has full details.



If you come from SPAIN, take direction Le Boulou (French border) ñ Perpignan (highway or national road).
At Le Boulou, follow the instructions below.

If you travel through Perpignan (FRANCE), take the road to Le Boulou and then to CÈret.
If you take the highway (“pÈage” ñ paying), don’t exit at Perpignan, but continue direction Barcelone and take the exit Le Boulou.
Then direction CÈret. Take care to take the side exit lane to CÈret and not to go through the main pay gates (these lead to Spain).
From CÈret, continue up the valley (main road) to AmÈlie-Les-Bains and
then to Arles-sur-Tech.
Go straight through Arles in the direction Prats de Mollo. After about 500 metres,
turn right direction Corsavy.
There are then immediately two forks, go right at the first one and left at
the next one. They are both marked Corsavy.
Now you begin to climb up and up, and reach Corsavy in about 20 mins.
At Corsavy, continue on the main road direction La BatËre.
After approx. 5-6 kms, you will see the sign Can Pinous (Terre de Sacha) on the right side.
Now travel slowly (at night – VERY slowly!). It’s safer for our road and for your car!
The Terre de Sacha road is one and a half kms, and you will cross two little streams.

In case it’s dark, just park when you come to the other cars, and walk the last 100 m to the house and a