Sachadham Ashram

Sacha Dham
Laxman Jhulla
P.O. Tapovan Sarai Pin-249192
Tehri Garhwal U.T. (India)
Ph: 91-135-2-433184 Fax: 91-135-2-432867

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Sacha Dham, Holy Place of Truth, is the ashram of Sri Hans Raj, Maharajji, the Guru of ShantiMayi. Located in the tiny village of Laxman Jhulla, near Rishikesh, India, it is surrounded on three sides by the rushing waters of the sacred Ganga River. It is a very small and simple place, providing a home for Maharajji, his Indian disciples and their families. It’s a very traditional Indian ashram.

WELCOME TO INDIA (Updated Sept. 2004)

The year 2004 finds ShantiMayi spending her seventeenth Winter season at Sacha Dham, the ashram of her beloved Guru, Shri Hansraj Swami, Maharajji. From December tenth through mid April, hundreds of her disciples and visitors from all over the globe flock to the tiny village of Laxman Jhula near Rishikesh to be with her. Below are mentioned ShantiMayi’s program of activities at Sacha Dham, helpful information on traveling here, possible places to stay, and various contact sources.

ShantiMayi was heard to say that the Rishikesh area is so holy because saints, sages, mahatmas and spiritual Masters have been walking here since the beginning of time. Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, this area is predominantly filled with sacred temples, ashrams devoted to prayer, caves inhabited by yogis, and of course the holy River Ganga. Nearby is the town of Haridwar, considered one of the holiest by Indians. There is located the ashram and Mahasamadhi (final resting place) of AnandamayiMa. She was one of the greatest, most mystical saints to grace this planet. For over eighty years the eternal essence permeating her presence radiated deep bliss and love to all who met her. Each year ShantiMayi and her sangha visit this ashram where AnandamayiMa’s fragrance still saturates the environment.

Sacha Dham
Sacha Dham is the home of Maharajji and his Indian disciples. It is a place which supports deep spiritual transformation. It is also steeped in the Hindu tradition. While Westerners are graciously welcomed as guests to participate in ShantiMayi’s program, the local culture and customs are respected and preserved. Some of the customs observed are: men and women have no physical contact in public, and women must wear loose fitting concealing clothing. Men must also wear clothing proper to entering a sanctuary. The ashram is a place for meditation, gathering with ShantiMayi and Seva- selfless service. Westerners are asked to have social activities elsewhere (such as meetings with friends and so on).
Where to Stay
Laxman Jhula offers a growing number of accommodations for Westerners. There are ashrams, guest houses and small hotels providing rooms. While standards might be considered primitive or simple compared to the West, most places offer hot water (mostly in buckets) and the basic necessities. For higher prices quite nice living spaces with Ganga views might be had.

Also, have a look at the website for the village of Laxman Jhula on the Internet.

Sacha Dham Ashram
PO Tapovan Sarai Pin-249192
Tehri Garhwal UT
Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, IndiaOM Telecom- Telephone: 91-135-2-433184
Fax: 91-135-2-432867