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Sri atcha Baba ji (Sri means venerable, Katcha means raw,
Baba means father or holy man, and ji means respected) was said to be an Aghori . Aghoris have very strangepractices that break the taboos of society. Some say that he was not an Aghori, more say he was. So there is a question here. He was certainly a powerful unsurpassed yogi. He felt the world needed to be brought to complete disillusion because it was absolutely corrupt. Now mind you, this was in the early 20th century. He performed a sadhana (a way) to create this disillusion. He was a contemporary of Girinari Sacha Baba (introduced below).

When Katcha Baba was ready to leave this world, he was sitting in a hut with a few disciples. He said, “in a few minutes a man will come into this hut and hit me in the head with a large stone. Do not hurt this man, he can not help what he is about to do.” A few minutes later a crazy man came into the hut and struck Katcha Baba in the head and he left this world in that moment. Some say that they saw him in a vision leaving the world in a golden chariot into the sky.

This is what we have heard.

Sri Girirnari Baba (Sacha Baba) (Girinari means Gira mountain), Sacha means undeniably True) was meditating in south India. He saw a man in Varanasi India sitting in a cave. He saw that the yogi was performing a mantra sadhana for the disillusion of the world. He knew he was going to go to Varanasi to find him.

This was destiny, an old connection replayed in contemporary times. He found Katcha Baba in the cave (as he saw in his meditative vision). He told the Yogi that he would create a sadhana that would not destroy the world but change the atmosphere of the planet by transformation through the hearts of people.

Girinari Baba went through many tests so that Katcha Baba would be sure that this was the right man do to this work. (He also knew that he would meet his old connection at this time, in this way). Girinari did pass all tests because he was an unsurpassed yogi himself. Katcha Baba transmitted all of his power to Girinari Baba and He said “ I am Katcha but your are Sacha”. Therefore Girinari Baba became known as Sacha Baba.

Then Katcha Baba left his sadhana and left this world. Girinari Sacha Baba continued his sadhana of transformation through the heart of humanity. Sacha Baba Girinardi was said to live near around 350 years.

This is what we have heard.

Sri Kulanandji was the excellent disciple of Sacha Baba Girinari. He was chosen after many very difficult tests to continue the sadhana of Girinari Sacha Baba.

Sacha Baba Girinari decided it was time to depart this world (in 1944). He had found the one dedicated unwaveringly to awakening through the transformation of consciousness.

Kulanandji created a great ashram on the banks of the Holy Ganges at Arial India. This ashram is directly across from the Kumaba Mela grounds in Alahabad India. This place is one of the most attended sites in India. The Kumba Mela is the largest spiritual gathering in the world that has in fact gathered for thousands of years. It is situated at the holy confluence of the Ganges Yamuna and the Mystical Saraswati rivers.

Kulanandji left everything in his life, everything and everyone, to dedicate his life to his Master and his mission of transformation. He was an illustrious yogi that touched thousands of lives of the people that surrounded him. And his prayers were for us all. There are many wonderful stories about him but this small space is not enough to elaborate them.

Kulanandaji took the name Sri Sacha Baba and was well known by this name. He was the Spiritual Master of Sri Hansrajji Manarajji (Hansraj means the king of self-nature and Maharajji means great king).

This is what we know to be so.


(Sri Hansraj Maharajji Left His Body in October of 2011)

Sri Hansrajji Manarajji also known as Sacha Baba is the excellent and illustrious disciple of Sri Kulanandji Sacha Babaji. He is affectionately known as Maharajji.

Maharajji also left his entire life while still caring for his family that was always surrendered with love to their particular predicament.

Maharajji surrendered his life completely to his Master and his mission. Maharajji was so serious about his devotion to the transformation of consciousness that he too had to pass many tests by his master to determine if he was equal to the task. How determined was he to offer his life completely to this mission? He was and to this day is still deeply involved in his sadhana at the age of 85 years.

He is a powerful, kind hearted and magnificent beauty. He is rare being, an unusual heart with a fierce intensity dedicated to the shift of consciousness that we are in the stir of today. He has been in an ethereal and deep meditation (even when he appears to be attending to people), constantly for us all to be uplifted to an awakened state. Maharajji is the Spiritual Master of ShantiMayi.

This is what we know to be so. For an essay on Maharajji by ShantiMayi, click here.

ShantiMayi is the first westerner as well as the only woman that stands in this eminent line of Sacha Masters. She too has given her life completely to the Sacha Mission of the past Masters. ShantiMayi spent many years with Maharajji being formed by him and by her willingness and surrender to carry the Sacha wisdom into the world. She too was highly tested by her Master to validate her ability to transmit transformational energy in resonance with the thousands of people she would meet in her ceaseless travels around the world. She has been traveling for this purpose for twenty years (since 1988). She has countless students around the world. Her dedication and devotion to her Master and to the shift in consciousness is unshakable.

Her family has also supported her work though incredible kindness, surrender and devotion.

The stories of Maharajji and ShantiMayi are innumerable and beautifully detailed. The merging of east and west, contrasting life traditions, male and female ideologies coalesced as an inseparable vision for our world.